“After working with various tutors beginning when our daughter was in 2nd grade, Brownstone Tutors was recommended to us by a friend at the end of 6th grade when she was diagnosed as having a math disability. Since that time, there have been dramatic changes in our daughter’s confidence, abilities, and academic life. She transferred to a much more competitive school in 8th grade, was selected for the Advanced Geometry class in 9th grade (thanks to Charise initially and Theresa now), is the top French student in her class after starting a year behind (thanks to Caroline), is an A student, and perhaps most incredibly, she really enjoys school and hasn’t missed a day in 2 years. These are very remarkable accomplishments considering where we were in 6th grade. These intelligent, warm and serious women have taught her so many things, but what we most appreciate is that she now loves to learn, is enthusiastic about the process, is curious and confident enough to ask for assistance when needed. These things are a direct result of the tutors that Matthew has matched her with over the past 3 years, and we cannot thank him, Charise, Caroline and Theresa enough.”

~ J.C., mother of a high school student

“I have known Dan for a couple of years. He first tutored my older son (who is now at Bronx Science High School) and now he is coaching my younger son for the High School entrance exams. Dan is smart, dedicated, competent and consistent in his approach with students. He is well mannered and polite; if necessary, he can be assertive, but I never heard him raising his voice. He is responsive to parents’ concerns and open to suggestions. He is easily reachable by phone or e-mail. He is well respected by his students with whom he connects beyond the academic subjects. He gets to know them to understand their personalities and to tap into what motivates them. To give you an example, my boys are very passionate about sport, soccer in particular. Dan discovered that on his own and he established a connection with my sons beyond the test prep. Dan works hard and he cares about his students. He is determined to help them meeting their objectives. The high acceptance rate of his students at their target schools speaks for itself.”

~ E.R., mother of 2012 and 2015 SHSAT students

“My daughter worked with Kyle to help her prepare for the SSAT. Kyle was excellent in every way. He is a real expert on taking standardized tests and, as importantly, he knew just how to approach our daughter. He taught her effective strategies for every component of the test. The results? My daughter felt very confident on the day of the test and she earned the score she was shooting for. She was accepted at her favorite school and that score was no doubt an important part of her application. Brownstone Tutors was great to work with from start to finish. From the initial session in the office to working with Kyle in our home, I found the people at Brownstone to be friendly, professional and effective!”

~M., a father of an SSAT student (2014)

Tutoring Success Stories

“I want to take this opportunity to say how wonderful Asa has been. He’s a very skilled tutor, but he has been so much more than that to our son and to us. He has been a tremendous support during a difficult time for our son, and he is consistently able to draw out the best in him. We are forever grateful to Asa for his patience, creativity and generosity of spirit. And we have been very happy working with Brownstone. You came through for us with Alex, when we needed a quick boost of chemistry tutoring, and the flexibility of working with Asa both in Manhattan and in Southampton in the summers has been great for us.”

~S.C., mother of a high school student

“Brownstone Tutors has been an invaluable partner in my son’s academic growth. While they are pros at test preparation, more importantly, Amy has worked with my son on several key techniques from critical thinking skills to organization, which has been a game-changer for my sixth grade boy. Amy values the process of how he arrives at solutions as much as the end result, which is both effective and empowering.”

~C.W., father of sixth grader

“I couldn’t speak more highly of Brownstone Tutors. They offered a rigorous and honest assessment of my daughter’s readiness for the SHSAT, then constructed a plan for her that was tough but realistic. Mallory, our tutor, worked brilliantly with D., winning her trust, pushing her where necessary, being gentle when it was prudent and was always highly organized and super-efficient. D. began to enjoy many of the challenges she was set, even when they were in addition to her regular homework. I felt that Mallory and my daughter were a great little team – and we all ended up with exactly the result we wanted.”

~D.L., father of a 2014 SHSAT student

“Admission to NYC high schools, whether public or private, is no easy task. Tim prepared my daughter for the ISEE and SHSAT extremely well, especially on the math portions that were not covered at her middle school. Her scores enabled her to have great options for high school and we are thrilled with the results.”

~Mother of an ISEE and SHSAT student

“The people at Brownstone took the time to listen to what kind of student my son was to ensure the best match possible. Alex, the tutor, indeed turned out to be a wonderful fit for my son. The test prep turned out to be focused and highly effective and we are very happy with the results. Given the connection my son made with Alex, we would consider working with him again in high school.”

~Manhattan middle school mother

“I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how happy we are with Mallory. She is a wonderful tutor and is really helping my son a lot. He is so happy during his sessions and I see not only an improvement in his writing but a big difference in his attitude towards this subject.”

~Mother of a writing student

“We worked with Brownstone Tutors to help our 8th-grade daughter prepare for the SSAT. They took the time to select a tutor (Mollie) who would be a good match for her, which proved to be the case. She got a lot out of it. Her knowledge of the test material, test-taking techniques, and overall confidence rose considerably. Her test scores enabled her to be admitted to a top tier NYC private school. Brownstone is large enough to have the right resources but small enough to give us lots of personal attention, which we appreciated. We look forward to working with them again.”

~B.R. (2014), father of 8th grader

“Studying for the ISEE and SSAT can be a real chore, especially given schoolwork and the many activities on my daughter’s schedule. Jake was able to motivate my daughter to take the preparation seriously while still having fun learning new material and test-taking strategies. He gave her both the skills and the confidence to do her best on these tests..”

~L., mother of an ISEE/SSAT student

“It was a pleasure working with Brownstone and we can’t say enough good things about Jake, the tutor for our son’s ISEE prep. Jake was a perfect fit for our son, combining highly skilled instruction with a supportive, encouraging manner and a great sense of humor. Test prep wasn’t work, it was fun and our son always looked forward to Monday “Math with Jake.” Our son’s test scores improved (and he was accepted at the private school we’d hoped for) but even more so, his confidence and comfort level with math grew significantly; in the months since tutoring finished he’s continued to approach math with much more of a “can do” attitude than before. We were also impressed with Brownstone’s personal, individualized approach to test prep, a welcome contrast to the more common “one size fits all” prep companies. They took time to get to know our son, understand his personality and academic needs, and were always responsive and attentive to any questions we had.”

~ Elana, mom of a 2014 ISEE student

“Tremendous thank you to everyone at Brownstone Tutors! My son looked forward to his meetings with Charlie. Not only did he learn a lot, he also got accepted to his top choice AND had a great time in the process. Big Thanks!”

~ Rachel and my son Jude

“Brownstone helped my daughter gain entrance into three of the four schools where she applied for high school. Mallory sharpened her focus and strategy in the months leading up to the test. Brownstone has also really help both of my daughters fully comprehend various advanced math and science courses. I highly recommend their personalized approach based on both the student and the tutor.”

~ M.M., mother of three children in NYC

“Thanks so much for finding the right match for our son – he actually described the sessions as fun and learned a lot in a handful of sessions with Daniel. Our son’s teacher pulled him aside the other day to tell him that she noticed a big improvement in his writing – he was very proud to have recognition for all of the hard work he has been doing. Thanks again.”

~ Mother of a writing student

“My daughter thought Cara was fantastic — fun, patient and extremely insightful and well-informed about some rather arcane matters. It was almost like we had dialed 1-800-G-E-N-I-U-S! She diagnosed the problem, creatively problem-solved, then guided my daughter toward working out a strong outline. G. was so relieved and happy excited to have been led out of the basement, so to speak, so we most definitely give Cara a double thumbs up. Plus, we truly appreciated her flexibility in coming over the very same day we called. 100% satisfied!!!”

~ R. M.

“To keep you updated, W. got into Stuy, which means that the Brownstone test prep paid off once again (I should get on your testimonials page). Thanks again for all the good work.”

~ David, father of an SHSAT student

“Please feel free to use me as a parent reference. Daniel was such a great combination of challenge and support for Henry. Henry enjoyed the time he spent with him and never experienced their work together as a burden. I think he actually looked forward to it.”

~ Marie, mother of an ISEE student

“Jake felt very confident about yesterday – thanks for all your help and coaching – it really helped him in many ways.”

~ Bob G., father of an SAT student

“The tutors of Brownstone Tutors were nimble in accommodating my niece’s learning style, as well as plugging the holes in her learning. This is not a one-size-fits-all operation, and every tutor (from early enrichment activities through SAT and SAT subject test-preparation) connected with her, each in his or her own way. We only discovered at the end of her junior year that she would need to take SAT subject tests in both math and physics or chemistry, and she had not taken the necessary science classes. At that point, she was already committed to a 6-week summer college program out of town, which left little time to acquire the concrete information she would need for the SAT physics exam. In about 10 weeks, a Brownstone tutor was able to teach her–not just review–an entire year of physics. This was a remarkable feat, and we are extremely grateful to Brownstone Tutors.”

~ RF, Brooklyn

“I’m very happy with [my SAT] results. I thank you for both tutoring me and encouraging me to take another. I really could not have done this without you. Thank you very much.”

~ Karl B., student

“Daniel was great to work with. He was very organized and pinpointed exactly what Kate needed to study. I think she really appreciated his calm, methodical manner and his encouragement. Overall, it was an easy process considering the distance and time constraints! Thank you.”

~ Mother of a 10th-grader in Westchester

“I really wanted you to know that Alexandra said that studying with you was the best thing that she ever could have done, as it gave her the confidence she needed to approach things she never would have attempted before. She will always be grateful to you for your guidance and support. You were especially helpful with the scholarship exam preparation. Any student is lucky to have you for a tutor. ”

~ Valerie, mother of student