Coaching & Consulting

Admissions Consulting

Over the years, Brownstone Tutors has developed a deep familiarity with the college and private school admissions processes. We leverage that knowledge to develop effective application strategies for students and their families. We are particularly adept at helping students craft effective personal statements and essays. To find out more about our services, you can reach us via phone or email.

Executive Function Coaching

For some students it is not so much the substance of their schoolwork that presents the biggest obstacle to academic success as the structure of the school day. Executive functioning issues frequently – though not exclusively – manifest in boys at the start of middle and/or high school. Our executive functioning coaches work with students to develop strategies for coping with the organizational responsibilies that they must fulfill in order to do well in school. It should be noted that this coaching generally requires at least two sessions per week, especially at the start. To schedule an initial consultation or to find out a little more, please get in touch.

Academic Coaching for High School Students

Homework Counseling

Homework Counseling is designed for two specific situations. In the first, schoolwork is utilized as a medium for working on an underlying emotional issue. The second situation is when a student has experienced a sudden drop in academic performance as a result of or in conjunction with developments unrelated to their schoolwork. In either case, we match students with a tutor who’s also had training in offering mental-health support. We also take care to determine the structure, objectives and boundaries of the sessions. In neither case should the tutoring be seen as an instance of or substitute for professional therapy.