“After working with various tutors beginning when our daughter was in 2nd grade, Brownstone Tutors was recommended to us by a friend at the end of 6th grade when she was diagnosed as having a math disability. Since that time, there have been dramatic changes in our daughter’s confidence, abilities, and academic life. She transferred to a much more competitive school in 8th grade, was selected for the Advanced Geometry class in 9th grade (thanks to Charise initially and Theresa now), is the top French student in her class after starting a year behind (thanks to Caroline), is an A student, and perhaps most incredibly, she really enjoys school and hasn’t missed a day in 2 years. These are very remarkable accomplishments considering where we were in 6th grade. These intelligent, warm and serious women have taught her so many things, but what we most appreciate is that she now loves to learn, is enthusiastic about the process, is curious and confident enough to ask for assistance when needed. These things are a direct result of the tutors that Matthew has matched her with over the past 3 years, and we cannot thank him, Charise, Caroline and Theresa enough.”

~ J.C., mother of a high school student

Tutoring Success Stories